A functioning network is the basis for a successful event. DINACO's solution ensures that you are always and everywhere connected with each other. From the Internet line at the small village festival to the complex network for large events: our solution makes your event more attractive and more efficient. 

Great adaptability

Every event is different. We react confidently to changes and always keep an eye on the changing times. We adapt our network to the needs of your event. You benefit from a service individually tailored to your event.

Proven performance

Regardless of whether the network has to cater for several thousand users at the same time or only a few users with high performance requirements: we are prepared for it. We offer you a network that can withstand high loads.

High security

Security is our top priority. Your network is secured against unwanted access. We work according to the latest security standards and are continuously improving our security precautions.

Arbitrary scalability

There are (almost) no limits to your requirements. We build your network independent of location, and it can be expanded upon request. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with simple or complex networks to which you are connected at any time, regardless of location.

One contact person for all of your concerns

We accompany and advise you before, during and after your event. Our aim is to make our support an important factor in the success of your event. We offer you a great deal of expertise and attach great importance to quality and reliability. Leave nothing to chance with regard to your communication infrastructure.


High quality: Good quality is the foundation for all the other advantages that a functioning network brings. For this reason we attach great importance to this aspect. 

Strong: Our network meets high performance standards and is equipped for simultaneous access by many users.

Reliable: A reliable communication infrastructure is essential for the success of an event. We ensure that it works. 

Secure: We make sure that no "stowaways" get lost in your network, so that nothing stands in the way of a smooth operation.


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