eventworker allows you to plan everything around your employees and temporary staff as easy as never before. One single software enables you to organise application procedures, shift planning, payroll accounting and associated time recording, communication and the final evaluation of your employees and temporary staff. You therefore have an overview of your entire personnel planning at all times.

Expedited and efficient application procedure

The search for the right employees begins with the application process. You can access the necessary personnel data and the required forms and documents in a portal. This makes it easier for your employees to start working for you. In a further step, you can invite your favourites to a job interview and easily coordinate appointments with eventworker.

Efficient resource planning

The challenge is to deploy employees at different working hours, in different functions and at different locations. A flexible overview makes shift planning easier for you. For additional simplification, your employees can enter their availability and preferred areas of deployment in advance. No matter how different a project or event is: eventworker convinces with maximum adaptability.

Payroll accounting and time recording

Your employees record their working hours independently and electronically. As the organiser, you never lose control and always maintain an overview. At the end of an assignment, eventworker helps you in just a few steps to flawless payroll accounting and analyses your personnel costs.

Integrated communication solution

The integrated communication system enables you to communicate with your employees via a single platform. You have their personnel files at your fingertips and can update them at any time. Thanks to eventworker, you also have their employment contracts and other documents such as certificates available to you at all times.

Individual evaluation system

At the end of your event you and your respective group leaders can evaluate the employees and temporary staff with eventworker. This way you can see at a glance who you would like to reengage next time and who is particularly suitable for which area.


Better control, more oversight: Since all required data, documents, shift plans and time records are available in one portal, you have a complete overview of your employees and temporary staff.    

Easy accounting: Digital time recording enables you to create a correct payroll accounting at the end of the event in just a few steps and provides you with additional analyses of your deployment costs.

Sustainability and time saving: When recruiting the same employees, you do not need to enter the data again. This saves time and also reduces the workload of your employees.    

Complete support: We accompany you during setup and training. We adapt the portal to your needs and ensure that your project runs smoothly.      

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