eventticket is the platform that allows you to create, manage and send your sponsor, media and helper tickets yourself. The solution includes the creation of ticket layouts, the creation of ticket groups and the assignment to the group owners. Sponsors can then forward their tickets to their customers themselves.

Simple creation of ticket groups

Whether guest, helper, media or sponsor tickets: eventticket creates and manages any ticket groups for you. The solution includes the independent creation of ticket groups, the definition of access authorisations and the determination of the number of tickets. If required, you can also add external ticket holders.

Individual ticket layout

eventticket allows you to create individual ticket layouts on demand. This way each ticket group gets a different layout. You can easily add desired images and link your ticket layout with the corresponding ticket groups.

Ticket management with a few clicks

eventticket provides the ticket group owner (e.g. a sponsor) with online access to manage their tickets. The subsequent distribution of the tickets has never been so easy: With just a few clicks the ticket can be forwarded by e-mail or it can be printed and sent. The administration of the tickets is digital, fast and secure.

Personalisation of the invitation text

With eventticket you can easily personalise the invitation text that you send by e-mail with your tickets. You define which text should be sent when and in which language.

Forms for Ticket Requests

eventticket allows you to create ticket request forms in a simple way: You determine individually which information the requestor has to enter for his request. This solution is perfectly suited for the accreditation of media representatives and for applications for access permits (delivery, etc.).


Complete control: You always have complete control over the tickets that are in circulation and are still being circulated.

Flexible allocation: They can freely determine and adjust the contingents for their ticket groups (guests, sponsors, media, helpers) at any time.    

Simple evaluation: You can evaluate the entire ticket administration with just a few clicks and optimise the processes and procedures for the next event.    

Conserve resources: Because ticket management is completely digital, you save paper and take care of the environment.    

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