e-order is an ordering, logistics and storage system for materials and merchandise that you can order in advance of your event and on site. No matter whether tables, benches, refrigerators, power and water connections, beer kegs, containers, ice cubes, returnable cups or straws: with e-order, delivery, invoicing and stock control are combined and ensured in one solution.

Digitised material orders

Digitise your material orders before the event: Whether it's tables, floors, tents, advertising services, power connections or waste bins: With e-order you assign a login to each sales outlet so that they can order the required material via smartphone or PC. All parties involved see the price of the material before ordering and thus have optimal cost transparency.

Fast ordering of merchandise

During your event it is important that the bars stock the right drinks in the right quantities. With e-order, bar managers can order their goods (containers, accessories, drinks, etc.) digitally via their smartphones. The delivery is then also triggered digitally, and you always know what has been delivered to where.

Valuable inventory function

Thanks to the "Inventory/stock" function, e-order provides you with an exact overview of where which material is located at all times. For example, you know how many bottles of beer are still available in bar XY. This simplifies logistics, and you can see at the end of the event how many goods can be returned. The inventory is carried out in real time: you therefore have the opportunity to take immediate action during the event.

Additional access authorisation

With e-order, not only every sales outlet or market driver can order their material and goods. The area managers or market drivers can also enter their employees so that they can then obtain the appropriate access authorisation for the event.

Immediate accounting

Thanks to e-order you are able to automatically settle orders with the sales stands or market drivers as well as with the sponsors within a few minutes after your event ends.


Reduced effort: Thanks to a digitised solution, the time and effort required for orders prior to your event is massively reduced.

Easy accounting: At the end of your event, you can create the invoice at the push of a button and without any additional effort.    

Better control: You always have an overview of what your suppliers have delivered and the status of an order.    

Simple ordering during the event: Because all processes are digitised, there is no idle time or duplication when ordering merchandise for your events.

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