e-learning is a learning platform that can be tailored to your event. It informs your temporary or permanent employees about processes, procedures and tasks and at the same time increases the event-specific knowledge of your employees. e-learning offers your employees just those subject areas that are important to them - at anytime and anywhere.

Intuitive learning environment

The e-learning environment is very user-friendly, so that your employees can orientate themselves intuitively and start learning after a few seconds.

Free choice of end device

e-learning can be used anywhere and at any time, regardless of the device: Thanks to "responsive design", learning is possible on any smartphone and in any browser.

Simple evaluation

e-learning gives you an overview of all courses at all times: you can see how many employees have already taken part in a course and who still has to take part. You have a perfect oversight of the know-how of your employees.


Multiple languages: Courses and instructions can be recorded in several languages.     

Public links: If desired, you can open a "public link" for public learning.    

Support: We are happy to be at your service whenever you require support. We will gladly assist you, irrespective of whether you contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Simple personalisation: The learning content can be personalised for individuals or groups.    

High degree of flexibility: You can adapt the learning content as required and integrate all internal and external training into a single platform.    

Easy to operate: Courses, instructions and invitations can be managed with just a few clicks. 

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