e-control is a versatile access control system based on handheld scanners and turnstiles and offers the additional option of loading multiple tickets onto the same wristband. The solution is fully integrable and can be operated 100% by the organiser himself.

Mobile due to hand scanners

Mobile, simple and fast: The e-control solution with hand scanners is perfectly suited for ticket control and ribbon exchange at your event. The scanners have a strong battery and are waterproof: they can be used at any kind of event.

Channelling through turnstiles

e-control also allows you to use turnstiles: These channel the flow of visitors and offer even more security. Thanks to the turnstiles, you need fewer security personnel: Even at larger entrances, 1-2 security staff are sufficient to monitor and secure access.

Interfaces to several ticket systems

e-control enables the connection of different ticket systems. Due to the open interface, the e-control solution provides you with all access data.

Simple ticket import

e-control allows you to integrate your ticket data into the solution easily via Excel or CSV.

Ticket merge possible

Would you like to load several tickets onto one wristband? No problem with e-control: After merging, access is granted via the wristband. This also applies if only one ticket is loaded onto a wristband.


Increased security: The clean and transparent e-control access control system contributes to the security of your event at all levels.    

Control with input and output modes: You can perform input and output scans in certain areas if required. If the visitor capacity of an area is reached, e-control blocks the entrance until there are enough seats available again.    

Combating the black market: Using a powerful access control system, you make an important contribution to the fight against the black market.

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