During a time in which the amount of data is constantly increasing, you run the risk of not maintaining an overview. The e-bi business intelligence solution allows you to transform your raw data into meaningful reports. e-bi collects your data from internal and external sources and provides you with a good overview. The solution unifies your databases, provides you with analyses and forecasts, shows you long-term trends and gives you insight into information you thought was hidden. The BI tool e-bi continuously takes your event one step further. 

All-in-one solution

Thousands of data records combined in one software package, clearly displayed and prepared in such a way that you can draw new conclusions from your event: e-bi is an all-round solution that contributes to the success of your event as a supporting hand.

Simply analysis functions

Various functions and filters allow you to easily create reports and dashboards. This allows you to analyse your data in detail and identify important key data. With the knowledge gained, you can increase your efficiency, improve your business processes and increase your sales. You can recognize long-term trends and identify and solve any business problems.

Concise dashboard

The data collection of the business intelligence solution e-bi is summarized in a dashboard. Here, the information can be clearly displayed. You can filter the data according to your individual criteria and experience the aha moment when thousands of data records appear in an orderly general overview.

Plan and anticipate

Knowing, or at least being able to anticipate, what is coming your way is a decisive competitive advantage. With e-bi you can create statistics and forecasts that help you to plan and improve your event. You prepare yourself for what might happen and thus reduce unwanted surprises.

Flexible adjustments

Your event thrives on change. With e-bi you can recognise the areas in which change is appropriate. Thanks to the decision-making basis provided by e-bi, you can make ongoing adjustments. With improved work processes you will increase efficiency and turnover. You will be better prepared for the upcoming challenges of your business.


Increased efficiency: The knowledge gained will help you to optimise your business processes and improve the efficiency of your event.

Order instead of chaos: They are able to cope with the ever-increasing amount of data and create order in a straightforward way.    

Customer-specific and individually designed: e-bi is a software that can be fully adapted to the needs of your event and your company.    

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