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eventpay is the only cash-free cash register system that has been specifically developed for temporary events throughout Europe. It includes payments with Visa, Mastercard, V-Pay, Postfinance, Twint, Applepay, etc. With eventpay you can pay at your event or festival completely cashless. Payments are made directly via the payment terminal connected to the cash desk.

Easy event setup

eventpay is very easy to set up and can be put into operation immediately: As an organiser, you can add the items to the system yourself and also easily enter and manage merchants or points of sale. The import of all data (articles, dealers, employees, etc.) from Excel lists is quickly completed.

Set up your own currencies and payment methods

eventpay enables you to add your own currencies and payment methods to your event. Such payment methods solve, for example, the problems around the catering for helpers. eventpay digitises the catering for helpers and ensures that all helpers receive the catering they are entitled to. This guarantees a better planning and accounting of the entire catering for helpers.

Depot / deposit logic easily integrated

Sustainability is increasingly important: eventpay therefore enables the digital processing of deposit / deposit fees on cups, plates, etc. For better control, you as the organiser can manage the deposit arm function yourself and determine who should be notified if something is not running smoothly.

Market driver solution with various areas

Each area or market driver enters his assortment (article, product group, sales prices) himself. As organiser, you release the assortment digitally in the system. It is then loaded onto the cash register of the area or market driver within a few seconds.

Settlement market drivers

All booth fees of the areas or market drivers are recorded in the system: After the event you will receive the invoice immediately at the push of a button. The eventpay system deducts any fees directly from the turnover of the area or market driver and then makes the payment ready for you. All you have to do is transfer them to your e-banking system.


Increased turnover: up to 15 percent more turnover for your event.

No cash: More security on site and a lower error potential with payments.    

Less infrastructure: Significantly less infrastructure and lower costs compared to cashless solutions (no bracelets and no charging stations, etc.)    

Live Reporting: You always have an overview of your sales and turnover in real time - on every device.

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