Large crowds entail a great deal of responsibility: an event is only considered to have been successful when it has been completed without any noteworthy incidents. You need to have everything under control in critical situations. The CCTV video surveillance solution offers you the necessary support in these situations and ultimately more security at your event. It has valuable functions such as recording, screenshots, license plate recognition, facial recognition, people counting, early fire detection and more. 

Increased security

Whether on stage, behind the bar, in the backstage area or throughout the entire venue: CCTV surveillance provides the necessary oversight and enables comprehensive control. This ensures greater security: On the one hand, video cameras deter and thus prevent crimes, and on the other hand, they record crimes and provide evidence to convict the perpetrators. CCTV also increases employee safety and improves work processes as a result of documentation.

Comprehensive overview

High-resolution cameras with 360° rotations guarantee an overview of every situation. This ensures successful monitoring of entrances and exits, emergency exits, storage areas, stage and backstage areas. You have access to high-resolution live video images, so you have real-time monitoring and can act quickly if the situation requires it.

User-friendly operation

The event cockpit offers you up to 8 screens, which gives you simultaneous control of several locations. Touchscreen and a joystick help you to get a 360° panoramic view. You have access to the video recordings of all devices. Due to the user-friendly operation and central monitoring, you can fully concentrate on what is happening at the event.

High-resolution images

Our high quality cameras with high resolution images allow remote monitoring. For example, you can even recognize license plates from a distance if you are monitoring the action from the comfort of an office. The video images have the necessary quality to be admitted as evidence in court, for example.

Valuable alarm functions

In case of unauthorized access to your area you will automatically receive an alarm message. CCTV can be seamlessly integrated into your access control system and smoke and fire alarm system. This enables a quick assessment and reaction in exceptional situations. Temperature measurements also provide you with alarm messages for early fire detection. This enables you to react promptly and ensure the safety of all parties involved.


Constant control: Video surveillance provides a permanent overview and control. This makes the event a successful experience for visitors and organizers alike.

Prevention of crime and securing of evidence: Illegal behaviour and offences can be prevented or at least proven. 

Instant response due to real-time monitoring: Live video images enable immediate reaction. In emergencies, the necessary steps can be initiated at the moment the incident occurs. 

Process optimisation: The recorded data provides important information on day-to-day business and thus enables the optimisation of work processes. Errors can be analysed and avoided.    


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